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A collection of past work.

this to this Crooked 1 Crooked 2 Turner side by side 2800  From the old to the modern  Wolzien 2 Pattison 2Restoring some dignity to an aging family plot in Cleveland.

The marble stones are beginning to weather badly & are in need of further care. We plan to return this year & apply a consolidate to greatly retard the aging process. D-2 was applied so they will return to their natural color in time for an application of consolidate. The finial is from a nearby monument.  1Disassembly & Reassembly of a monument. 2  W wrap  3  4  5







































My beautiful picture

L 2 print Background crop


Two rows made clean & straight again

Some final work for the season, in the fall of 2013.

1 stm

2 stm

3 stm

4 stm

7 stm

8 stm

9 stm

10 stm The End

1 barn Ohio GAR

The following are 3 Civil War Veteran’s military markers I worked on in Belmont County Ohio at the end of 2013. All 3 were sunken, leaning, & covered in black lichens. & ALL were incased in concrete. These are all originally tablet sets directly in the ground & were not intended to be in concrete. Concrete & marble DO NOT mix well & the concrete will over time harm the softer marble. With a little patients & skill, I was able to remove it all. Now they stand once again at their proper height directly in the ground free of concrete. D-2 was applied to all & left to do its work over the winter.

2 barn 3 barn  4 barn 5 barn 6 barn