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What people are saying about our work, classes, & projects.

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From Rochester NY May 2013.


To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Morton of Gravestone Guardians of Ohio shortly after I started my Cemeteries Of Western New York Project in July of 2012.There are numerous cemeteries in my area that are in serious disarray and I wanted to make a difference by going in and repairing them. After speaking with Mark, we decided that a joint effort would be the best way for me to learn the art of gravestone preservation and to get the “ball rolling” to restore the many small abandoned cemeteries here in Upstate New York.

Mark is a very likable person immediately upon meeting him. He has an easy laid back approach to teaching that was a pleasure to listen and learn from. There are no shortcuts in his work and he only uses and teaches methods approved from the AGS and NCPTT as well as other professionals in the field. In late May we started working at King’s Landing Cemetery and were originally scheduled to work on two stones during his visit. With the help of two students that drove up from Connecticut, we managed to repair six stones that day.

I have since finished King’s Landing and have gone on to some other small area cemeteries to help restore dignity to those who have passed. But none of this would have been possible without Mark’s help and tutoring. We now plan on having annual workshops here in New York to help more abandoned cemeteries as well as to further my restoration education.

In closing, any municipality, Church organization or a “Friends of” cemetery group would greatly benefit from engaging Mark to work/teach at your local cemetery. His professionalism, caring, workmanship and sense for history will show in every stone he fixes.


Scott Banker


The Cemeteries Of Western New York Project

Scott Banker





From Lapeer Michigan June 2013.

Hi Mark,


Gary and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with you in the Hadley Cemetery.  Thank you so much for helping us get started in understanding the nuts and bolts of gravesite repair and restoration.  Your commitment and enthusiasm are unmistakable and we learned so much from you.  By telling us that only two things are needed for successful cemetery work:  common sense and a passion for it, you de-mystified the subject, and made all of us feel confident that we, too, could make a difference in our communities.  I’m eager to get permission to tackle a particular pioneer cemetery in our hometown.  I’ll let you know what happens.


Wishing you continued success with your work,



Hi Vicki,


Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work in organizing the work day at Greene Corners Cemetery.  You did a fabulous job keeping things running smoothly….just how many buckets of water and dirt did you haul anyway!!   Mark was a great teacher — so willing to share his expertise and techniques with us.  His passion for his craft was contagious!  We enjoyed working shoulder with the other “diggers.”  Nice to know there are other cemetery enthusiasts who will spend an entire 90 degree day digging in the dirt…and keep their sense of humor!

Gary and I learned a lot and plan to begin volunteering in our community — if they’ll have us!  I know Gary is already thinking about a design for a lightweight, tripod so that the two of us can set stones ourselves, because it took a lot of muscle to bring some of those bases up to grade.

I’m sending along some photos of the day. Again, thank you for an education and memorable day.  We’re looking forward to another chance to work with you.





Last Saturday I participated in this workshop and enjoyed every minute! We were educated and helped every minute of the day by Mark Morton of Gravestone Guardians of Ohio. Stones were cleaned, lifted, re-attached to their bases and unearthed after being buried for who knows how long. Over the next few days I will be adding my pictures here as an easy way to share images of the day with others from the class. I hope others of you will find the pictures as wonderful as did my day.



From a gentleman in Indiana with ancestors buried in Ohio.

Oct. 16th, 2013


You should really be commended for task you have set for yourself in restoring the stones. I know that I can be assured that markers will exist for many, many years on the graves of my ancestors. I just cannot thank you enough.

Jeff McCann


From a workshop/demonstration in Marietta Ohio

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