This page is to honor those dedicated individuals who have shown a real concern & care for tombstone & cemetery preservation. These wonderful individuals have dedicated their time & monies over the years to ensure the preservation of our history. This type of work can be a very time consuming task of research & then physically searching. These people are the Sherlock Holms & Indiana Joneses of our preservation efforts & we wish to say THANK YOU.

Our Honor Roll Of Conservators

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Robert is a professional cemetery conservator & a Pennsylvania native that has been trained through the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies. He also regularly attends classes & workshops put on by other top conservators in the field to stay on the cutting edge of cemetery preservation.

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Even though this work is mainly centered on one specific cemetery’s restoration, we feel through the sheer amount of work being done, that it qualifies Andy Harpole & his group as up & coming conservators. Andy & his folks have taken professional cemetery conservator training from Jonathan Appell & continue to gain more knowledge every season.

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Andy Harpole has a model cemetery preservation program going on. He & his group of volunteers have taken on a tremendous project by working to restore  The Eastern Cemetery.

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A multi-piece monument repair.

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We love what you folks are doing & we wish you much continued success.


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Over the last 25+ years Jonathan Appell has worked in nearly every aspect of cemeteries and graveyards, providing him with a unique understanding of both the subterranean and visible elements.

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