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This page is to honor those dedicated individuals who have shown a real concern & care for tombstone & cemetery preservation. These wonderful individuals have dedicated their time & monies over the years to ensure the preservation of our history. This type of work can be a very time consuming task of research & then physically searching. These people are the Sherlock Holmes & Indiana Joneses of our preservation efforts & we wish to say THANK YOU.

Our Honor Roll Of Cemetery Groups

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Andy Harpole has a model cemetery preservation program going on. He & his group of volunteers have taken on a tremendous project by working to restore The Eastern Cemetery.

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That kind of cleanup takes heart & dedication.

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A multi-piece monument repair.

10 D2 2 1100

Andy & his crew love D/2 Biological Solution as much as I do

13 Z 1 1100

We love what you folks are doing & we wish you much continued success.


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Scott Andersen on the left

Scott Andersen has worked closely with The Greenfield Historical Society & put together a small group of volunteers to begin restoration of The Old Burying Ground Cemetery. I first met Scott when he attended my cemetery preservation class in November 2013. You knew right away Scott was serious about his plans to preserve this cemetery. And you also learned right off he wanted to do it right & wasn’t about to take any shortcuts to accomplish this.

3 S 550

Raising a sunken tombstone

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5 S 550

Thank you to Scott & his volunteers for caring about their local cemetery & taking steps to do it right.

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The Medway Cemetery Association, Medway Ohio.

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3 Cem 2 (2)


1 Dave 1 (2)

This is Dave Suther the caretaker & leading voice of the Medway Cemetery Assoc. Dave is the best friend this cemetery could possibly have. Dave was very instrumental in beginning this preservation by working with the Medway Area Historical Society & the Cemetery Association. Dave’s brother Scott was also very important to getting this underway for an entire year of heated discussions & debates. Both brothers together have amassed a huge collection of Medway history & documentation for all in their community to enjoy for generations to come. Thanks Dave & Scott.

You will also find more on this project under “Our Work” & newspaper articles on Dave & the cemetery under “In The News”.

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4 CG Our friends Marietta

This group works diligently at preservation efforts for 3 Marietta’s cemeteries, Harmar, Mound, & Oak Grove. The old town of Marietta holds a wealth of history & so do her cemeteries. There are more Revolutionary War veterans buried in Mound Cemetery than any other cemetery in the country. These cemeteries are places of interment for some of our states earliest pioneers of the 1782 Ohio Company. Gravestone Guardians of Ohio has been honored with assisting this group of fine people in their efforts to clean & preserve the tombstones & monuments in these historic cemeteries.

5 CG

Scott Britton of “Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive” talks with a Parkersburg W.Va. news crew summer of 2013 at the Mound Cemetery.

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The group made up these signs to place in front of tombstones they cleaned.

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A veteran is laid to rest at Mound Cemetery.

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Our good friend Scott Banker from Rochester NY drove down to visit some Ohio cemeteries in September.

10 CG

We were happy to show Scott what Ohio had to offer in the way of old pioneer cemeteries. Scott is always interested in learning more about cemetery preservation/restoration & this trip provided him with knowledge that will further assist his efforts in NY. We look forward to another class with him in the Rochester area & another visit from him the summer of 2014.