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This page is to honor those dedicated individuals who have shown a real concern & care for tombstone & cemetery preservation. These wonderful individuals have dedicated their time & monies over the years to ensure the preservation of our history. This type of work can be a very time consuming task of research & then physically searching. These people are the Sherlock Holms & Indiana Joneses of our preservation efforts & we wish to say THANK YOU.

Our Honor Roll Of History Supporters 

A warm thank you to the community of Barnesville Ohio for taking the time to be history conscious. 


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Locating the forgotten grave of a Confederate veteran, Southern Cemetery Barnesville, Ohio 2013

Members of the Belmont County Genealogical Society gathered with some local historians & members of the Belmont County Civil War Roundtable, to locate the forgotten graveside of a Confederate veteran buried in Southern Cemetery.

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Old maps & pictures were pored over to help determine the grave of Mr. Corbin brother to James W. Corbin of Virginia. Cemetery maps & records were the main historical record used in the determination. The age old practice of dowsing was also used & was applied by a retired Holmes county man who had dowsed for oil & gas companies for over 30 years. Gravestone Guardians of Ohio was happy to be part of this effort to help remember & recognize a unique piece of history in this cemetery.

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Salem Church


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This old church goes back to 1850 according to the deed. Although the burial grounds & a possible previous church go back to 1806. The building is still very solid & beautifully restored on the inside. This is 1 of 3 area churches that this community is working to bring back to life as well as restore the burial grounds that accompany each.

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