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Helping to keep our nation’s historical treasures historically accurate.

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Approved Suppliers

We only purchase restoration products from the following suppliers who deal in historic preservation & reconstruction. We are more than happy to support their efforts as they help preserve our nation’s history.

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Many historic masonry buildings which are over 100 years old are just receiving their first repointing work. These old buildings were usually built with only lime and sand for mortar. The well-built historic buildings are considered sustainable due to the longevity of their service as opposed to the waste caused by rapid cycles of obsolescence in buildings such as the modern strip mall.

The details in how all substantial and beautiful historic masonry buildings were made allows many of these old structures to last for centuries and even for millennia throughout the world. Modern Portland cement mortars have had many known failures as a primary or gauged-in binder to lime mortar used in masonry preservation efforts of these old masonry buildings.

However, the correct lime and sand mortar mix has always been very durable and cost effective by achieving its long service life for the buildings they serve. When new mortars with duplicate properties as that of old materials are used to repair and repoint buildings, or to build new ones, then the final life-cycle assessment of the replacement materials will be as equally impressive as that of the historically time-proven materials. Using materials with an outstanding durability in their service life is a property of Green Building Technology.


Bicknell Supply Co.

On April 4, 1893, Bicknell Manufacturing Company was incorporated as the Livingston Manufacturing Company, producing stone cutting tools for Maine’s coastal and island quarries, which, at the time, led the nation in the production of granite. Fred J. Bicknell served as its first general manager, from 1893 to his retirement in 1927.  Under his leadership, the firm acquired several smaller companies and expanded both its product line and sales throughout the country.  Putnam P. Bicknell succeeded his father as general manager in 1923, and went on to become the company’s president in 1928.  On December 31, 1930, the name of the company was changed to Bicknell Manufacturing Company in recognition of the valuable contributions made by Fred J. Bicknell.

As Maine’s coastal and island granite quarry production had begun to diminish, a southern sales outlet for stone and supplies was open in Elberton, Georgia in 1930.  Prompt shipments of its product are made from the largest inventory of stone cutting tools and supplies in the country.  Manufacturing and sales also, continued in Rockland, Maine.  Upon Putnam Bicknell’s retirement from the company in 1950, his sons’ William and David Bicknell, took over management of the company.  Under their leadership, the company grew and diversified to reach its present status.  After William Bicknell’s retirement in 1985, David Bicknell continued to maintain the growth of the business and to groom the fourth generation of Bicknell’s to manage the company.  David Bicknell’s son, Bruce Bicknell is well positioned to lead the company into the future.

On February 22nd, 1996, Bicknell sold its manufacturing plant in Rockland, Maine and became Bicknell Supply Company.  Bicknell Supply Company intends to grow without compromising its commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, a successful formula for 1893 through the present.  The company now manufactures stencil machines, automatic abrasive blasters and other items in Elberton for the stone and monument industry.


Granite City Tool

Granite City Tool Company of Vermont began in the famous GRANITE MANUFACTURING CENTER, BARRE, VERMONT, in 1885, and has operated there continuously since, supplying Granite Tools, and Stone Tools to a wide variety of industries. For 120 years it has remained true to its original motto of “EVERYTHING FOR STONE WORKING”. Now in the third generation of same-family Ownership and operation, it repeatedly proves its reliability and resourcefulness in a changing world. Through the years, it has played a leading role in the development and introduction of equipment, Granite Tools, Stone Tools and Monument Supplies that have resulted in today’s technology. Our reputation is built on unsurpassed quality and customer service. Although our plant, fully stocked warehouses, and offices are in Barre, Vermont, we also drop ship from locations throughout the United States. In addition to national coverage, we also serve the Canadian and European markets.